We want to see a train service to Huapai because we think it's a quick, simple solution to the growing traffic woes facing North West commuters.

The traffic will get worse on the North Western Motorway as the population soars in Hobsonville, Whenuapai and Redhills not to mention the rest of West Auckland.

World class public transport is the only solution to worsening traffic congestion and we want to emulate the highly successful service to Pukekohe by running a diesel train shuttle from Huapai to Swanson or Henderson.

We have the infrastructure in place, the rails and stations are ready to go, unlike the proposed Busway which will require millions of dollars and years of planning.

We're hoping the community will share our vision and get in behind the campaign to get Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and Government to bring 'Trains to Huapai'.

How would this work?

  • Frequent single railcar diesel shuttle providing hourly services, Huapai – Swanson or Henderson
  • 14 services per day, each direction, 6am – 8pm
  • Connects with new electric train network at Swanson/Henderson
  • Reliable Congestion Free route
  • Not impacted by delays from Britomart, resilient
  • Connect with buses from Helensville / Waimauku…and Riverhead
  • Connects with the regional cycle network for transport and tourism benefits
  • No double tracking required
  • No upgrades required to Swanson, Waitakere, Huapai stations
  • No new rolling stock, lines or stations required
  • No electrification required
  • Utilises underused existing infrastructure
  • Operating costs marginal in comparison to rest of rail network

What's next?
  • Candidates public transport debate – hear what the electorate candidates running for the Helensville seat, offer you. 2pm Sunday 23 July 2017, Kumeu Community Centre. 
  • Vote wisely in support of Trains to Huapai in the 23 September election.
  • Look out for and sign our petition calling on Mayor Phil Goff and the Governing Body to support trains to Huapai through Auckland Transport.
  • Fill in our upcoming survey to show your current transport needs and costs of congestion.
  • Support our work advocating as part of the Council’s Long Term funding Plan later in the year